About Our Intentions


Adult Puzzle Fun intends on exposing the multitude of puzzle genres to adults, encouraging you to find and participate in adult puzzle fun games, puzzle activities and puzzle decor ideas. One of the meanings of the word ‘puzzle’ comes from the Oxford Dictionary “(verb) is cause (someone) to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something”.

At Adult Puzzle Fun, we will introduce you to fun adult puzzles we are hoping will excite, challenge, and intrigue you. We are in effect trying to move away from the negative connotations the above stated meaning of the word “puzzle”.

Our continued research at Adult Puzzle Fun has found; adults participating in puzzle solving activities helps to exercise their brain, and may aid to stave off the possible effects of Alzheimer’s, (a type of dementia) with varying degrees of result. This disease is known to impact our aging community.

One of the assumed internal benefits included with puzzle solving activities, is the possible improvement of short-term memory and the reinforcing of connections between your brain cells.We at Adult Puzzle Fun are optimistic and hopeful for the external benefits by becoming active in our Adult Puzzle Fun community.These external benefits may reinforce connections among family members, friends, neighbors and between you and your significant other.

We at Adult Puzzle Fun will explore with you, the many different genres of adult puzzle games available for your entertainment, hobby and relationship building adventuresWe will post genre featured adult puzzle fun game sources, and ideas that could provide lots fun and excitement.

Adult Puzzle Fun aims to promote building healthy relationships with families, partners, friends, online communities and beyond. Communicating and sharing hope, dreams, ideas and caring for each other, is arguably the ultimate contribution of building a vibrant, healthy, and fun community.

Adult Puzzle Fun is looking at a range of adult puzzle fun games and activities, helping to increase and promote adult fun activities and quality of life experiences. Have lots of fun and provide feedback on your experience with us. Please let us know how we are doing with supporting and how we can better support your Adult Puzzle Fun adventures.